Jul 25, 2015

BK Services

Our Services

Skin whitening
Pigmented spot removal

Melasma reduction
Moles, Warts, Skin tags and Lump removal
Scar improvement
Acne / Acne scars treatment
Collagen regeneration
Wrinkle reduction

V-Line face shape treatment
Square jaw reduction Botox
Nose bridge & tip enhancement
Chin projection with fillers
Fat transfer to forehead or cheeks
Temple Voluminisation filler
Cheekbone enhancement with Filler
Jowl & Chin LipoSelection
Jawline filler
Luscious lips filler
Structural filler Injections
Superficial filler injection for under eye
BK 3D Liquid facelift

[Skin Tightening]
Doublo HIFU Facial Tightening
Dissolvable Threadlift

Body: Abdomen, thighs, back, arms, chest
Face: Chin, Jowls
High-Definition Body Lipo: Hourglass Waist, Six-pack abs

[Fat Grafting for youth]
•Face: Cheeks, Forehead, Temples
•Body: Breast, Buttocks

BK Weight Management Programme
BK Hair Transplantation
Hair Loss Treatment
Face Peel 
Body Peel

Sevices of BK Medical Group Aesthetic Clinic
[Brief Introduction of BK Medical Group Aesthetic Clinic]

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